Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review: Top Mainstream Phone Currently Available With AI Feature

The top phones from Vivo and Xiaomi may offer superior cameras, the S24 Ultra stands out for its overall refinement and global availability.

Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, heavily emphasizes “AI,” especially the generative kind that has been popular recently. Interestingly, during its unveiling presentation, Samsung executives didn’t discuss the phone’s hardware until 20 minutes into the event.

While the AI features undeniably enhance the user experience, I believe Samsung has also made significant improvements to the hardware, elevating the phone’s premium feel and maturity beyond its predecessors and competitors. Consequently, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the best Samsung phone I’ve tested in years.

s24 Ultra BEN SIN

Although I acknowledge that the top Chinese phones may have superior cameras for still photography due to their newer and larger image sensors, Samsung’s overall package feels more refined and comprehensive. Additionally, the S24 Ultra is widely accessible worldwide, unlike some Chinese phones with limited availability. Therefore, if you’re seeking the best Android phone currently available, the S24 Ultra is the top choice.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Release Date

Introducing the Galaxy S24 Series, set to revolutionize your smartphone experience with groundbreaking features like Circle to Search, Note Assist, and Live Translate—all powered by Galaxy AI! Get ready for a new era in smartphone innovation. The Galaxy S24 Series is scheduled to launch on January 31, 2024.

What was the Samsung galaxy s24 ultra first look?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s first look showcased a sleek design with impressive camera features and powerful performance. Its stunning display and cutting-edge technology promise an exceptional smartphone experience for users.

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What are Newest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra AI Features?

Let’s delve into the standout features of the S24 Ultra. This phone is only the second, after the Google Pixel 8 series, to offer on-device generative AI capabilities. This means it can generate original text and images using machine learning algorithms and neural processing directly on the device, without requiring an internet connection (though it may need it in certain cases).

One remarkable application of this technology is real-time translation and interpretation. For instance, if you speak Chinese on the phone, you can swiftly translate those words into Japanese or German within seconds, all without internet connectivity. This functionality extends to face-to-face interactions and even phone calls. During calls, a dedicated button activates an AI voice assistant to facilitate conversation translation between parties, though there may be a brief delay of 5-7 seconds for processing.

the Galaxy S24 Ultra using generative AI to manipulate an image BEN SIN

Another noteworthy AI feature is the phone’s ability to summarize extensive text passages, whether from an internet article or a lengthy document. Additionally, it offers generative AI photo editing, allowing users to remove or resize elements within photos, with the AI seamlessly generating new pixels to fill the gaps. While the results may vary, the feature is particularly enjoyable for photography enthusiasts, offering astonishing results at times.

the S24 Ultra’s main camera (left), 5X zoom (middle) and 10X zoom (right). BEN SIN

For instance, in the provided collage, I used generative AI to digitally move my dad closer to me in a photo. The AI ingeniously recreated the missing background, seamlessly blending the edited and original elements. Additionally, the phone’s built-in internet browser or notes app features a button for generating summaries of documents, providing users with concise versions with just a tap. Overall, these AI capabilities enhance the user experience and offer exciting possibilities for creativity and productivity.

Photographer: SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg © 2024 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP

Another exciting feature is generative AI photo editing, allowing users to edit photos by removing or resizing objects. The AI seamlessly generates new pixels to fill the gaps, resulting in a realistic image where edited portions are entirely AI-created. Similar to the Pixel 8 series, this feature is a delight for budding photographers. While results may vary, the outcomes can be truly breathtaking. In the collage below, I utilized generative AI to digitally move my dad closer to me in a photo. Remarkably, the AI reconstructed the background, seamlessly blending the edited and original elements. Notably, the AI even created the entire brown counter seen in the right shot.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra cameras BEN SIN

Certainly, the rise of AI-generated content raises valid ethical concerns, especially regarding the potential difficulty in distinguishing real images from fake ones in the future. I share the unease about the capabilities of this technology. However, it’s undeniable that AI technology is becoming an integral part of our lives, and companies like Samsung and Google are providing a glimpse into what lies ahead.

Aside from the aforementioned features, there are other AI functionalities that I find incredibly useful in my daily life. For instance, circling a part of the screen to initiate a Google image search has proven to be quite handy. Overall, the software experience on the S24 Ultra feels more intelligent compared to other smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Price

Galaxy S24 UltraFrom $1,299.99Front: 12MP | Rear: 200MP5000 mAh
Galaxy S24From $799.99Front: 12MP | Rear: 50MP4000 mAh
Galaxy S24+From $999.99Front: 12MP | Rear: 50MP4900 mAh

Overall, my experience with the S24 Ultra was extremely positive, surpassing my satisfaction with previous Samsung phones. As someone who’s passionate about street photography and snaps nearly 100 photos a day, I’m particularly discerning about camera quality. While I still believe that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Vivo X100 Pro offer images with a more organic and raw feel, thanks to their larger sensors and Leica processing, respectively, neither phone can compete with the S24 Ultra in terms of overall performance.

The S24 Ultra excels in areas such as battery life, software support spanning multiple years, and the inclusion of cutting-edge Google-driven AI features. Additionally, the Vivo X100 Pro suffers from a severe lack of availability. Although the S24 Ultra comes with a higher price tag, starting at $1,300 in the U.S. and HK$9,898 in Hong Kong, there are trade-in and pre-order deals available at Samsung stores worth exploring. Considering its comprehensive feature set and superior overall performance, the S24 Ultra emerges as the top choice despite its higher cost.

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