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SBK Answer Keys 2023 – (Check Online) Division Wise

SBK Answer Keys 2023 for education jobs in Balochistan, ranging from BPS 09 to BPS 15, have been held from 20th May to 20th June 2023. The answer keys for all these tests are available on this platform. You can conveniently access the latest answer keys here. Typically, SBK uploads the answer keys for written exams within one day after the test. Currently, answer sheets have been uploaded for the tests conducted in four divisions: Rakhshan division, Loralai division, Zhob division, and Kalat-1 division. The answer keys will be uploaded for each district where the tests are conducted. All answer keys for JAT, JET TECH, JET, EST, PET, MQ, JDM, JVT-I, and JVT-II have been uploaded for different divisions.

To download the answer key for the Kalat-II division on 3rd June, click here. Please select your paper code and sheet color to access the relevant answer key. Pink, Blue, Orange, and Green color answer keys are available for your convenience.

SBK Answer keys 2023

Awareness: The Makhran Division screening test took place from 5th to 7th June 2023. It is anticipated that the test key will be released on 8th June at 2:00 PM. has already uploaded the answer keys for the Kalat-II division. You can check them in the provided table below.

SBK Answer key 2023 download

Rakhshan DivisionClick Here
Zhob DivisionClick Here
Loralai DivisionClick Here
Kalat-I DivisionClick Here
Kalat-II DivisionClick Here
Makhran DivisionClick Here

Education Posts

  • JAT
  • JET
  • EST
  • PET
  • MQ
  • JDM
  • JVT-I
  • JVT-II

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How to check SBK Answer keys?

  • To check the SBK Answer keys, you can follow these steps:
  • Visit the official website or online portal of SBK (Sardar Bahadur Khan) or the specific platform where the answer keys are published.
  • Look for the section or tab related to “Answer Keys” or “Results.”
  • Locate the section specifically for the SBK Answer keys for the desired examination or job.
  • Depending on the organization’s practice, you may need to select the division, district, or specific exam for which you want to check the answer keys.
  • Once you have selected the relevant options, you should be able to access the answer keys in the form of a downloadable PDF file or a table displaying the answers.
  • Download the answer key or view it directly on the website, as per the available options.
  • Match your responses from the test with the corresponding answers provided in the answer key to evaluate your performance.

Note: The exact process may vary depending on the specific website or online portal hosting the SBK Answer keys. It’s always recommended to refer to the official instructions or guidelines provided on the respective platform for accurate and up-to-date information on accessing the answer keys.

The SBK Answer Key 2023, administered by Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University, can be downloaded in PDF format from this webpage. Here, you can access the answer keys for all divisions. Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Balochistan has recently announced several job vacancies, and subsequently, roll number slips were distributed to the applicants for these positions. The written tests have already commenced in different divisions. Recently, the written tests were conducted in all three divisions of Balochistan, and the answer keys have now been made available on SBK’s official online portal.

Answer keys of Kalat Division-1

The SBK educator’s jobs written test took place on 30th May and 31st May in Kalat, Mastung, and Suhrab. The answer keys for these tests have been uploaded and can be checked. will announce the answer keys on their platform. You can download the answer key for today’s test held for SBK Education jobs from there.

Answer keys of Kalat-2 Division

Kalat division has been divided into two parts, with Kalat Division-II comprising Khuzdar, Lasbela, and Awaran. The written test for these districts was conducted on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2023. You can download the answer keys for these tests from the SBK online portal. The link provided below will direct you to the download page for today’s answer keys.

Answer keys of Makhran Division

The release of the answer keys for the Makhran Division is expected to be imminent. You can stay informed and access the answer keys by visiting the provided source below:

Please visit the following link to find the answer keys for the Makhran Division: [Get Answer Keys Here]

Kindly note that the link provided will direct you to the relevant website or portal where you can find the answer keys once they are made available. Keep an eye out for updates from the official source to ensure timely access to the answer keys for the Makhran Division.