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Top 10 Best Schools in Islamabad in 2023

Top 10 Best Schools in Islamabad: Education is a fundamental right for every child to thrive in today’s rapidly advancing world filled with the latest technologies. It not only nourishes our minds but also enhances our skills and personality. Thus, obtaining an education from one of the best schools is essential for every child. Parents often struggle to find the right school for their children, which not only provides quality education but also promises a bright and successful future.

Although Islamabad has numerous schools, the challenge lies in selecting the best one that offers excellent education and curriculum. With many top-notch schools in Islamabad, some may be costly. However, do not fret! This article lists the best schools in Islamabad, providing high-quality education and many other facilities. So, if you are searching for the top schools in Islamabad, read on to learn more!

Top 10 Best Schools in Islamabad

Here we listed the best schools in Islamabad 2023

1. Roots Millennium School

Roots Millennium is one of the top schools in Islamabad, with branches located throughout Pakistan. It is an international school that is well-known for its excellent education and curriculum. The school is highly popular and offers a variety of high-quality academic programs, including German, STEM, robotics, sports, performing arts, Chinese, entrepreneurship, reading programs, clubs, societies, and many others. With trained faculty and an outstanding curriculum, Roots Millennium is definitely the best choice for your children.

Contact Details:

Address: JVX2+HVF, Block H D-18 Engineering Co-Operative, Islamabad,
Phone: +92 3315060561 & UAN +92 51 111 111 193

2. Sheikh Zayed International Academy

Sheikh Zayed International Academy is a renowned school in Islamabad, with a strong reputation. The school is affiliated with the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which is recognized for its excellent teaching methods and faculty. The IB program at Sheikh Zayed International Academy is designed to challenge students to reach their full potential and develop their mental, physical, social, and intellectual abilities. This school empowers its students to meet the demands of the real world and prepares them to succeed in their future endeavors.

Contact Details:

Address: Sheikh Zayed International Academy-Islamabad Street # 8, Sector H-8/4 Islamabad
Phone: +92 51 4939298 +92 51 4939299 +92 51 4939301

3. Beacon House School System

Beacon House School was established in Lahore in 1975 as Les Anges Montessori Academy, catering to toddlers. Today, it has expanded globally, with over 146 branches in 30 cities across Pakistan and other countries. The school has evolved into an international network of private schools, partnering with Gymboree Play and Music and Concordia to provide a distinctive and significant education to its students. In Islamabad, Beacon House offers preschool, elementary, and secondary education, and prepares students for international exams such as the General Certificate of Education (GCE) and the Local Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

Contact Details:

Address: 38 Kohsar Road, Main Margalla Rd, F 7/3 F-7, Islamabad
Phone: +92 51 111 232 266, +92 51 261 3869

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4. Frobel’s International School

Froebel’s International is a private school founded in 1975 by Mrs. Sabiha Zamir Khan. It started with only 10 students and 4 teachers, but now it has grown to 8 campuses with committed and professional faculty in Pakistan.

Froebel’s International School is well-known for its exceptional educational system, offering academic, sports, extracurricular, and social programs to students ranging from 6 weeks old in daycare to 18-year-old adults in their respective fields. In a nurturing and respectful environment, every student is valued and appreciates the benefits of gender, physical or mental abilities, culture, and origin diversity.

Froebel’s success is attributed to its dedicated teaching staff, hardworking students, supportive parents, and loyal school staff. By striking a balance between freedom and control, teachers and school administrators aim to ease the transition to higher education and adulthood for students.

Contact Details:

Address:  10 Street 13, F-7/2 F 7/2 F-7, Islamabad,
Phone: +92 512 652164, +92 512 652165

5. Schola Nova Islamabad

Schola Nova is an international school system that focuses on Greco-Latin humanities. It was founded in 1995 with the goal of teaching Latin and ancient Greek. Schola Nova educates Pakistani teenagers to help them lead successful lives in the future. From its inception, Schola Nova has upheld high educational standards and nurtured a culture of excellence in all areas. It helps students develop self-awareness, self-reliance, and independence, preparing them to be responsible 21st-century citizens. Schola Nova is a passionate and dedicated community that offers a well-rounded education with enriched academic courses, innovative art programs, and sports activities.

Contact Details:

Address: 5 Street 8, F-8/3 F 8/3 F-8, Islamabad
Phone: 051-2855003, 051-2262090
E-Mail: Info@scholanova.Edu.Pk

6. International School of Islamabad

The International School of Islamabad provides exceptional education based on international standards. Founded in 1965 by the military, this school offers not only high-quality education but also various excellent facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts, libraries, physical education centers, music rooms, climbing walls, performing arts centers, gymnasiums, running tracks, technology centers, science labs, and more. It is an excellent option for parents looking for a comprehensive education and top-class facilities for their children.

Contact Details:

Address: Johar Road, Sector H-9/1, Islamabad,
Phone: +92-51-443-4950

7. Head Start School

Head Start is a school that started in 1965. They have a unique curriculum that teaches about different cultures from around the world. The main goal of Head Start is to teach students to be kind and ethical while also preparing them to be successful citizens in their community and the world. The teachers at Head Start encourage students to explore and learn from their surroundings. They also help students discover their interests and strengths. Head Start is dedicated to giving students the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their dreams.

Contact Details:

Address: Street Number 1-A, Kuri, Road, Islamabad
Phone: +92 51 843 5473
E-Mail: Info@headstart.Edu.Pk

8. The City School

The City School is a large private school network that started in 1978 with just one campus and now has around 160 campuses across Pakistan. Over 150,000 students are enrolled in these campuses, with almost 8 of them in Islamabad. All the campuses are well-equipped with the necessary teaching facilities. The City School aims to provide high-quality education to students of all ages, from Elementary to A-level. They are dedicated to finding the best teaching methods to help their students stand out from the rest. The school creates a competitive learning environment to help students make the best choices for their future. The students from City School have a track record of scoring high marks, both nationally and internationally.

Contact Details:

Address: near Shifa, Pitras Bukhari Rd, H-8/1 H 8/1 H-8, Islamabad
Phone:  051-4939280, 051-4939274

9. Preparatory School

Preparatory School Islamabad prides itself on providing a well-rounded education to its students, not only focusing on academic excellence but also on character development, social skills, and physical fitness. The school offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, drama, and community service, to encourage students to explore their passions and interests beyond the classroom.

The school provides a safe and supportive learning environment where students can thrive and grow, with individual attention given to each student’s needs and learning style. Preparatory School Islamabad believes in fostering a love for learning, and its innovative teaching methods and use of technology help to keep students engaged and motivated.

Contact Details:

Address: Block 18, Street 31, Diplomatic Enclave II, Sector G-5, Islamabad
Phone: +92-51-2822348/+92-51-2600880/+92-51-2276403

10. Army Public School & College System

Army Public School and College is a highly reputed private school in Islamabad, managed by the Pakistan Army. Apart from offering excellent academic programs, the school provides students with a range of extracurricular activities, including the debating club, dramatic society, writing club, and journalism society. The school has a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are dedicated to providing quality education to their students. It is no wonder that the school has produced many high achievers over the years. The school is particularly well-known for its excellent matriculation results, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a school that will provide their children with a strong foundation for their future.

Contact Details:

Address: J683+4FC, Block D Islamabad
Phone: 051-5122870, 051-5122872

Here we listed the best schools in Islamabad

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