New College of Florida Undergoes Conservative Revamp, Triggers Federal Civil Rights Probe

The Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights will investigate New College regarding allegations of disability discrimination. They aim to ascertain whether the college excluded qualified individuals with disabilities from its programs, denied them benefits, or subjected them to discrimination.

Investigation Basis

The federal agency will also scrutinize whether New College ensured effective communication with individuals having disabilities, in comparison to its communication with others.

Communication Effectiveness

The civil rights complaint highlights an ongoing trend of discrimination against "protected groups," particularly LGBTQ students. It alleges the creation of a hostile environment for these students.

Discrimination Trends

The complaint calls for a formal investigation into the college's leadership by federal agencies and seeks remedial actions to address the damages claimed to be caused by the leaders.

Formal Investigation Request

It is alleged that the Board of Trustees dismantled the college's diversity program without a support plan for minority students.

Abolishment of Diversity Program

The abolition of the Office of Outreach and Inclusive Excellence left Muslim students without access to food during Ramadan, a time when they fast from sunrise to sunset. Historically, the outreach office funded meals for Muslim students due to meal plan hours ending before they could eat.

Impact on Muslim Students

The complaint requests that federal departments compel New College to implement mandatory training for staff, administration, and the Board of Trustees to better support LGBTQ and minority students.

Mandatory Training

Additionally, the complaint asks federal departments to mandate the college's leadership to revoke discriminatory policies and directives and provide safe and equitable housing options for students who wish to reside on campus.

Policy Changes and Housing